Lucca is the ideal destination for historic architecture and Medieval buildings lovers thanks to its extraordinary Medieval walls that surround all the city and its “one-hundred churches” finely preserved. The Duomo and San Michele in Foro must be visited. Lucca Cathedral is located in Piazza San Martino and it is well known for its extraordinary facade that was designed as we know it during the Renaissance (XIV century). Next to the church there is the great bell tower left in its unfinished state. The lower half of the bell tower is made with bricks that create an evocative contrast and play a chiaroscuro with the white walls of the top two levels.
Lose yourself in its wonderful squares such as Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, with its particular and suggestive round shape, and let your senses be delighted by a refined selection of restaurants and bars that will offer you the typical products of the Tuscan tradition.



It is a small jewel of the Italian architecture, a very beautiful city that you can also visit in only one day but you can be sure: it will be one of the best days of your life!
Also, Siena is famous all over the world for the Palio, an ancient equestrian event that takes place since 1633 in Piazza del Campo, every year on August 16th.
The town offers to the visitors breathtaking views and textbook architectural details. Taverns and inns remembering the past times will delight you with a wide and tasty culinary choice that suits all palates.
Taste local dishes such as the “focaccia” made out of chickpea flour, the croutons and the cold cuts. You cannot miss to taste fresh pasta with meat sauces, such as the “pici”, and the typical local desserts like “panforte” and “ricciarielli” to base of almonds and candied. All these dishes must be obviously accompanied by a good full-bodied glass of Tuscan wine.



The scent of the sea, of the summer, of the walks by the sea and of a romantic evening in the moonlight: Versilia is one of the most famous “rivieras” of Italy and Europe too, and it can make you fall in love in a moment.
The first bathing establishments were build here in the second half of the 19th century. With sunglasses, swimwear and sun cream you could enjoy pure relax moments by the sea, comfortably lying down.
For those who love shopping and good food it is impossible to miss the stalls of Forte dei Marmi marketplace, its elegant boutiques in the city center and the seaside bars where you can enjoy an excellent local fresh fish. Pietrasanta instead, offers a suggestive walk among foundries, marble and mosaic laboratories, art galleries and local exhibitors.



Florence is the true Queen of all the Italian cities. It is the beating heart of the Italian Renaissance, a place of culture, elegance, genius and charms. Once in a lifetime you have to visit Florence.
The Cupola di Santa Maria del Fiore, the Battistero, the Campanile painted by Giotto are just some of the point of excellence of the city that need to be visited. The Tuscan capital deserves to be lived looking upwards both inside and outside these places. You will go lost between the alleys of the old town.
Prepare yourself to be breathless when arriving on Ponte Vecchio and looking to the horizon while the sunset sets over the water of the river, playing games of light and reflections.
Everything in Florence talks about art, beauty, and an ancient style that nowadays still flows in the veins of the Italians. The genius of Brunelleschi, Leon Battista Alberti and all the other masters of the Italian Renaissance lasts into the palaces and the museums of the city. You will be enchanted by the colours of the town, a clever but also playful mix of white Carrara marble and Florentine green. Of course, nobody can leave Florence before eating the famous T-bone steak Florentine style. It is only for true connoisseurs!

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