La Parte degli Angeli

The Restaurant

La Parte degli Angeli is inspired by a little dream of Pietro that became real. On a summer day, he decided to create a new space inside his hotel where he put together a restaurant, a winehouse and a cocktail bar. Leonardo is now leading this new project. He is a gourmet specialist, a chef, a sommelier and has a great passion for the distilled liquors.
The name is inspired by La Corte degli Angeli and also by the original meaning of the sentence “la parte degli angeli”. In Scotland, the distilled malt ages into various types of barrels that give to the distillates smells and scents different from each other, depending on what was previously stored in. The barrels need to ripen for many years and they develop their own and always different relation with the surrounding environment. It depends on the place where they stand. During the aging, the whisky lose between 18 % and 25 % of its volume every ten years. This is commonly named “la parte degli angeli” and this is the reason why we choose this name for the restaurant cocktail bar. This is a place where you can drink and eat, have relax alone or with other people, this is a place where passion and professionalism meet in order to offer you something of absolutely tasty.

The menu

  • Tuscan Sushi: beef tartare, green sauce and pickled vegetables
  • A selection of our homemade salami and cold meat.
  • Parmesan cheese soufflè, pears and 12 years old traditional balsamic vinegar.
  • Stuffed Calamari on beetroot sauce and marjoram.
  • Traditional onions soup with Tuscan pecorino cheese canapè.
  • Homemade fresh pasta:
    • Traditional “tortelli” with white marrowbone ragù, seasoned with thyme.
    • Pappardelle with beef oxtail ragù.
    • Tagliatelle with mussels, clams and Bottarga from Orbetello.
  • Duck breast with orange gravy sauce.
  • Beef Cheek cooked at law temperature.
  • Baked salted codfish, his stewed belly and crispy chicory.
  • A selection of italian and french cheeses with jams and fruits.
  • Traditional Tuscan Beef steak tagliata – 2 people at least.
    38 €
  • Cinta Senese Tuscan pork sirloin.
    18 €
  • Homemade spicy sausages.
    14 €
  • All the main course will be served with the side dishes of the day.
  • Our cheese cake with fresh orange jam and chocolate.
  • The traditional Tiramisù.
  • Tuscan Cantuccini cookies with suite Vin Santo wine.

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